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  • Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors is chaired by the President and is comprised of the various Directors and Board Members with full voting rights. The Board of Directors meets quarterly on the third Wednesday of the month. The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for overseeing all operational effort SDMB performs in service of its mission.

    Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is chaired by the President. It is tasked with ensuring the Board is operating smoothly and efficiently within the scope of SDMB’s mission and purpose. It acts as a judiciary body should the need arise, recommending removal of Board and Committee Members should they be found to be non-compliant with any policies or procedures. Any action proposed will be recommended to the Board for a vote.

    The Executive Committee is composed of the President, Vice-President, Historian/Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. 

  • Directors At Large

    Directors at large may be appointed by majority vote of board with a minimum of a one year commitment. Unless agreed upon through majority vote by the board, there is a 5-year term limit.

    Board of Director Expectations

    • Make every reasonable effort to attend at all regularly scheduled board meetings. If a boarrd member is unable to attend, that person should email the president in advance.
    • Consistent non-attendance at scheduled board meetings may result in being asked to leave the board
    • Active participation in email discussions via the Slack email list and committee channels.
    • Active participation in at least one committee or working group
    • Active participation in volunteer events or social events. 
    • Active participation in outreach efforts, member recruitment, and fundraising.
    • There is no specific minimum annual contribution for Directors, but Directors are encouraged to provide financial support in whatever capacity they can.


SDMB has several committees tasked with portions of the organization’s operational work.

Nomination Committee--Ruth Cañamar, chair

The Nomination Committee is chaired by the Vice President and is tasked with evaluating current Board structure and function and recruiting new Board Members to fill gaps, build resiliency, and at times, replace lost skills or talents. The Nomination Committee may also determine a Board Member must be removed from their role, recommending such action to the Board. The Nomination Committee is composed of the VP, Dave Slagle, and Mike Mucker.

Trail Love Corps Committee--Mike Mucker, chair

The Trails Committee is tasked with maintenance and upkeep of the publicly accessible trails within SDMB’s geographic scope. It is chaired by either the Trails Love Corp chair depending on the season, and can have very different goals depending on the season. The Trails Committee is composed of training and coordinating persons as well as the Trail Stewards. The Trails Committee meets monthly, the week prior to any Board Meeting, unless otherwise stated by the chair.

Development Committee--Nat Gordon, chair

The Development Committee is ultimately responsible for all revenue raised for SWMMBA. Chaired by the Development Director, this committee oversees all Events, Fundraising, Grant Applications, Memberships, and Individual/Organizational Contributions. The Development Committee is composed of subject matter experts and volunteers. The Development Committee meets monthly, the week prior to any Board Meeting, unless otherwise stated by the chair.

Advocacy Committee--Kent Loganbill, chair

The Advocacy Committee is chaired by the Advocacy Committee chair and oversees the Be Cool Campaign and gives leadership to other MTB advocacy initiatives. Members of this committee are dedicated to improving public relations with land managers and the public through positive role-modeling and advocacy efforts to protect and expand trail access, including working with the Network for Arizona Trails on statewide legislative initiatives.

Events Committee--Dave Slagle, chair

The Events Committee is chaired by the Events Committee Chair and is tasked with planning and conducting social events like ongoing fundraisers, social rides, beginner bike skills clinics, Thirsty Thursday fundraisers, the annual Poker Ride, campouts, movie nights, and other events.  Maintains volunteer hours database related to events.  Tracks costs and revenues associated with events.

Outreach, Diversity & Inclusion--Ruth Cañamar, chair

The Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion Committee focuses on ways to ensure that SDMB is representative of the larger community in which we are located. In addition, this committee looks at ways to connect with underserved communities and engage them in mountain biking. Diversity looks broadly at ways to diversify our membership--age, race, religion, gender, identity, disability, etc.  Members include Leif Abrell and Jenny Quijada.

Membership Committee--Paul Daniels, chair

Responsible for recruitment and maintenance of SDMB’s dues-paying members.  Coordinates membership drives, distribution of member incentives, and communicates with supporting businesses to develop member benefits and perks.

Data Management Committee--Mike Madigan, chair

Responsible for improving our data management systems, including Bike Ambassador reports, email listserves, and membership 

Questions about your membership? Email us here.

    100-Acre Wood Bike Park

    Construction & Operations Committee

    The Construction and Operations (C&O) Committee oversees the coordination of construction, operation, and eventual maintenance for the bike park. This is achieved through coordinating delivery and instillation of park construction materials, inspecting and maintaining all bike specific infrastructure, coordinating volunteer work days as needed, and developing a bike park operations manual. Additional committee objectives include coordinating with local non-profits and user groups to facilitate sustainable practices (ecosystem restoration, water harvesting) on site and promoting accessible use of the facility by under served groups in the greater Tucson community.

    For more information on 100-Acre Wood Bike Park click here.

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