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Statement of Purpose

Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists is a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of the sport of mountain bicycling, and view the sport as a vehicle to promote low impact outdoor recreation, conservation, and mountain bicycling opportunities that are environmentally and socially responsible. SDMB is dedicated to protecting and enhancing mountain bicycling opportunities through:

  • providing fun, safe bicycling experiences and social events for the bicycling community, and at the same time using these events as an opportunity to educate and encourage riders.
  • promoting responsible riding and ethical behavior among the mountain bicycling community .
  • working in concert with land managers and owners to improve trails and facilities.
  • working with other user groups to ensure a quality trail experience for all users.
  • efforts to increase the diversity of the mountain bicycling community.

Code of Ethics

As members of Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists, we represent the mountain biking community, and it is important that our external and internal relationships advance, rather than hinder, the image of mountain bikers. To that end, we ask that all club members agree to the following four principles:

To Ride Responsibly

We will follow the IMBA Rules of the Trail; we will be courteous and respectful toward other users, recognizing that they, too, have a right to enjoy the trails.

To Represent Ourselves Professionally

Disagreement is healthy; conflict is sometimes necessary to resolve problems. When discussing access issues, whether at public meetings or in private, we shall strive to keep the discussion based on facts and not allow ourselves to be drawn into emotional, negative responses. We will keep to the moral high ground.

To Share and to Teach

Whether it is riding a technical obstacle or organizing a work party, the more we share our skills and knowledge, the better we all can benefit.

To Respect One Another

The effectiveness and survival of the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists depends on members working together. We will operate within the framework of the Bylaws and, in addition, always:

  • Treat one another with dignity and respect.
  • Keep principles before personalities in our discussions. When we disagree, we will focus on the “what” of the issue, not the “who.” (In other words, we will check our ego at the door.)

Why Your Membership in SDMB Matters

  • Fund Raising and Grant Writing
    • SDMB is one of the few non-profit MTB organizations able to raise funds and write grants to assist with trail development. Such projects include the trails restoration on Mt. Graham, trails in Sierra Vista, the new Bike Ambassador program, Fantasy Island, and the 100-Acre Wood Bike Park. In addition, SDMB is one of the few non-profits in the valley that has secured AmeriCorps and American Conservation Experience (ACE) crews to help build and maintain trails--like McKenzie Ranch, Enchanted Hills and Starr Pass trails. Few other groups are able to engage with funders like SDMB.
    • Fundraising events like "Thirsty Thursdays" at local brew pubs, to support trails and trail building.

  • Events & Activities
    • We offer social rides to members for all abilities throughout the year, including the 8ish Days of Christmas, the Poker Ride and 24HOP Pre-Ride, the McKenzie Frenzy, among others
    • Volunteer opportunities including trail maintenance and trail building days
    • Provides local riding information, tips, and guidance via our website, especially Featured trails and trail difficult ratings.
    • SDMB offers skills clinics with certified MTB instructors 
    • Sponsors the annual "BrushtoberFest" to encourage members to brush out trails after an active monsoon season. 

  • Advocacy
    • Trail advocacy initiatives and advocates for political action on behalf of MTB'ers, including participating in the Network for Arizona Trails. SDMB was instrumental in getting the Arizona Legislature to unanimously pass a resolution (SCR1010) in 2022 expressing its support for the economic, social, health, and behavioral benefits of outdoor recreation. Next up, we will be trying to pass legislation in 2023 to create an Office of Outdoor Recreation like 22 other states have already done. Stay tuned!
    • Works with all local land managers, public and private, to improve MTB access and relationships so that trails are protected and maintained. 
    • Is part of the steering committee for the Summit for Arizona Trails which was held in 2020, 2021 and coming again in May 2022 to bring together trail advocates and users to unify our voice on behalf of outdoor recreation.
    • Is at the forefront advocating that Arizona join 22 other states by establishing an Office of Outdoor Recreation in order to better coordinate trails and recreation policies and funding across the entire state and to secure funding for building new and maintaining existing trails.
  • Outreach & Public Relations
    • Be Cool Campaign: SDMB conducts trailhead outreach events to educate trail users about good trail etiquette and fosters positive public relations with other trail users
    • Bike Ambassador program: This program is designed to improve public relations and to create a safe trail environment for everyone. Ambassadors actively try to engage with all types of trail users, and provide trail tips and information when requested. They also offer help, assist with basic bike repair in the field, provide information about how to protect the flora and fauna along the trails, and report problems related to the trailhead or the trails themselves
  • Business Supporter Programs
    • Maintains a Business Supporter Program to recognize those enterprises in Tucson who support mountain biking. Funds from these supporters help finance trail days and other events.
    • SDMB members often receive discounts at local bike shops and other businesses when you show your membership card. Just another reason to join today.
  • Trails Development and Maintenance
    Tucson Mountain Park: SDMB has worked with Pima County to build the following single track and in some cases donated signs and maps:
    • Starr Pass: New Explorer re-route; Shemwell; new Starr Pass extension-- Rock Wren, Little Cat, Sarasota, Yetman re-route
    • Robles Pass
    • Enchanted Hills
    • Painted Hills

    Sweetwater: SDMB helped build and helps to maintain these popular trails.

    Arizona Trail: SDMB helped build 40 miles in Southern Arizona.

    Foothills Urban Assault Trail: SDMB was instrumental in laying out this trail near Alvernon from Skyline to River Road

    Fantasy Island: SDMB is working with the City of Tucson to assume maintenance, improvement and expansion of these trails.

    100 Acre Wood: SDMB provided the leadership for initiating Southern Arizona's first urban MTB skills park.

    Honeybee Canyon: In partnership with Oro Valley and Pima County Parks & Recreation, SDMB helped build the Big Wash Trail to access the Honeybee trails and is spearheading efforts to preserve and protect more than 26 miles of premier single track that attracts riders from 27 countries and 45 states. SDMB also donated time and money to install a roll over gate at the state land boundary.

    MacKenzie Ranch/Hohokam Trail:  SDMB helped build nearly 14 miles at Pima County's first XC race venue. Sponsors the annual MacKenzie Frenzy race in December.

     24 HOP Course: SDMB participated in the design and construction of the original 24HOP course, and helps to maintain the quality of the trail for this annual event by hosting a trail work day, membership dinner, and group ride each year prior to the race. In addition, we are a beneficiary of the race by staffing the beer garden as a way for raising funds for more trail work projects.

    Mt. Graham: SDMB is in the process of improving and maintaining existing trails and planning new ones on this incredible mountain..

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