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SDMB Board Member Documents and Communications

Comunications for Events:  Once you submit your request, we will take care of communicating it via the various channels. With social media you want to stagger posts to keep the attention of your followers. So, when we get your request, we may wait 24 hours to put it up. That is unless you say it's gotta go out now! If your post request is urgent, please indicate that in your request

Also, on the email side we need to decide if the particular communication warrants an email blast. Going out to 1500 contacts too frequently will result in unsubscribes, putting us in spam folders or just not opening our messages. We probably need to establish some guidelines around when and what we email. My thinking is we would do monthly messages and telling our folks to follow social for more frequent updates or provide a link to the event calendar. This is something to put on our board meeting agenda.

On the subject of calendar I think we need to move to a google calendar that folks could subscribe to and get alerts when we add new events. Not sure if this is something we could embed in Wild Apricot instead of the current calendar in there. Also, another agenda item.

As it stands now, the plan is for Ruth to update Facebook, Nat to send emails and for Jenny to update Instagram (Nat will share IG content creation with Jenny,, but she's gonna take the lead)

The Slack channel is called #communication-social-requests

You can find the channel here:

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