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SDMB's Meet the Board: Dave Slagle

24 Nov 2020 10:21 AM | Anonymous

Welcome back to a SDMB's Meet the Board, where we introduce our current board members and give them an opportunity to talk about what motivates them to volunteer their time with SDMB. Third up, board member and current events committee chair, Dave Slagle!

1. How long have you been involved with SDMB?

My first event was Brats and Beers up at Catalina State Park in November of '13. I was late and missed most of the ride but still had a great time. I was determined not to be late to the next one. My next event was a trail build day working on the Yetman Wash reroute in early 2014. I still think of that day every time I ride that trail.

In 2015, I was working on my first Our MTB Rides jersey, when I was asking Zach McDonald (then SDMB president) about putting the SDMB logo on our jersey when he suggested that I join the board. Sounded fun, but I was way too busy with family, work and running my own bike group. A few months go by and I get a call from Evan (current SDMB president) who again asked if I was interested in joining the board. After attending a single board meeting, next thing I know Pedro and I are on the board.

2. What about SDMB’s mission and work really motivates you?

I really enjoy being part of the projects we are working on. I find building new and maintaining existing trails very rewarding. I like to think that I'm a small part of the reason Tucson is an awesome place to ride.

3. What is one personal/professional asset you bring to SDMB?

I run the Our MTB Rides Facebook group and use that platform to advocate for SDMB. I really enjoy running some of SDMB’s events and further building community.

4. What do you want to accomplish with SDMB moving forward?

I would love to be part of the reason our projects (100 Acre Wood bike park, Starr Pass and Fantasy Island trails projects) encourage people to start cycling and to promote Tucson as a riding destination!

5. What is your favorite trail to ride (local preferred, but anywhere works)?

  • Favorite single trail: Bug Spring. So much fun.
  • Favorite trail system: Starr Pass with all the new trails I've worked on. The feeling you get riding on trail you helped build is hard to describe. And Fantasy Island is the trail system that got me to love mountain biking!!
  • Favorite trails outside of Tucson: Moab's Hymasa and Captain Ahab. Then there is Bentonville. Lots of fun there. Maybe I need to get out more but we have it so good here in Tucson.

Thanks Dave! Be on the lookout for more bios coming soon!

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