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SDMB's Meet the Board: Evan Pilling

9 Nov 2020 2:42 PM | Anonymous

Welcome to a SDMB's Meet the Board, where we introduce our board members and give them an opportunity to talk about what motivates them to volunteer their time with SDMB. First up, acting board president, Evan Pilling!

1. How long have you been involved with SDMB?

I attended my first SDMB volunteer event in 2008 when the Arizona Trail was being built south of Sahuarita Road. I joined the board around 2012.

2. What about SDMB’s mission and work really motivates you?

I love bikes, I love public lands, and I love what happens when we combine them. It’s an incredible opportunity to work with government partners like Pima County and the City of Tucson to build and maintain trails, empower and educate trail users and volunteers, and get more people recreating outside.

3. What is one personal/professional asset you bring to SDMB?

My background in mediation and collaborative decision-making helps me work with land managers, other user groups, and all stakeholders to find common cause and take care of the lands we all love. Additionally, having spent the better part of a decade designing, building, and maintaining trails I’m able to make even multi-use trails fun to ride while also being sustainable and providing a good user experience.

4. What do you want to accomplish with SDMB moving forward?

I want to figure out how to get more of the riding community to step into leadership roles and take ownership of their trails. We have so many opportunities to make Tucson an even better place to live and ride, but we don’t have the capacity to realize all of them. Projects like 100-Acre Wood Bike Park and Fantasy Island take a huge amount of work, and as usual it’s done by a very small group of dedicated volunteers. Just think of what we could do if more riders became leaders in the advocacy world!

5. What is your favorite trail to ride (local preferred, but anywhere works)?

Man, picking my favorite local trail is like being asked to pick my favorite dog (I have three), so I’m just going to say I love them all. Favorite trails elsewhere? 401 and Teocali in Crested Butte, Hazzard County in Moab, and Gooseberry Mesa in Hurricane.

Thanks Evan! Be on the lookout for more bios coming soon!

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